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Frequently Asked Questions

Read below to find answers to common questions regarding MMT's and related information.
Please note these answers may vary depending on the vehicle make and model. 

For any additional questions or clarification, contact Ryan on 027 819 0738.

Can I buy a road registered MMT?

We focus solely on off-road vehicles. Once fitted with ATV tyres and other accessories they become like a quad bike and therefore unsuitable for road registration. If you are not wanting any off road accessories and for short road use only, it can be done (although not through us) we are able to provide the vehicle paperwork and a little guidance if you wish to complete this process yourself.

We have also had previous customers granted with EB Registration ("ag-plates") for short distance travel i.e between run off and farm etc. 

Can I drive it on the road after ATV tyres/accessories have been fitted?

Low-speed and short range, yes (although not legal if un-registered). These trucks are NOT SUITABLE for long range or highway driving. We do offer road legal ATV tyres - see our accessories tab for more info. 

What do they weigh?

Approx 750kg in factory trim. This will vary depending on what accessories you have fitted. 

What weight can they carry?

This also varies between models, they are factory rated for 350kg payload but by adding ATV tyres and other accessories we recommend they would carry up to 500kg max. 

What are the trucks top speed?

Around 80kmph. We do not recommend this speed for any extended length of time.

Do you sell any diesel models?

All makes we sell are produced in petrol engines only. 

What's the difference between DB52T, DA62T and DA63T Suzuki Carry models?

In the very short of it, the DB52T is the earliest model we stock (1999-2001). This is equipped with a single cam.

Then comes DA62T (2001-2002) which is the same shape as the DB52T but fitted with the same engine as a DA63T.

The DA63T (2002-2013) varies depending on the year. They are the newwest of our stock and the most common for our diff-lock models. 

They are all 5 speed, 660cc fuel injected engines. They all come in all variants (auto, tipper, diff lock etc.)

Do you sell NZ wide?

Yes. We frequently sell to customers up North and around the South Island. Prices and address suitability will vary as they are transported on large double decker vehicle trucks. Get in touch and we can reply with an estimated delivery cost to your area.

How soon can I get one?

We generally have a 1-2 week lead but always best to contact us directly as this could be sooner :)

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